Jody Sumrall



Jody Sumrall, Freeport LNG's Vice President of Business Development, passed away on March 9, 2016. In memory of his life, those who knew him best write about Jody, in remembrances both personal and professional.

Jody and Hugh Urbantke created the first Terminal Use Agreement for a multiuser, nonregulated regas facility in the U.S. This TUA was subsequently the basis not only for FLNG’s TUAs with ConocoPhillips and Mitsubishi but became the template for contractual arrangements at other new terminals, such as Sabine Pass’s TUA with Total and Chevron." —Michael Smith, Chairman and CEO "
Jody’s values were completed aligned with Freeport LNG’s core values, particularly as regards Caring, Collaboration and Build Community. The past two years Jody and I had adjoining offices near the reception area and that gave us many occasions to talk about things that were important to us. As you might expect, invariably the conversations came around to faith. While I think I am a strong believer and know that God is good, I always wonder how I would hold up when faced with something like Jody was going through. So in many ways Jody was a witness to me." —Sig Cornelius, President and COO "
Jody's life was his family. He was a proud husband, father and grandfather. It was clear to me that his family brought him a joy that could not be fully described. He showed a deep pride in his children and everything they have become. I can only imagine the loss they are experiencing. He passed on his faith to his family and they know that he will be their tour guide in heaven. Until that time, his passing will put a hole in their lives that cannot be filled. I know he leaves a hole in my life I cannot fill." — Hugh Urbantke, Senior Vice President & CFO "
" Jody Sumrall is about the best man I've ever met. In 30 years I never heard him say anything rude or do anything hurtful to anyone. He liked people and helped people. My son's first hunting trips were led by Jody, as were other dads’ and their sons’ and daughters’. Jody and Hugh Urbantke came to Montana and I led them on the classic rivers. Many trout, great time. Jody came again, stayed at our house and he and I bow-hunted for bears. No bears, great time. We were and are friends." —Bill Jewell Vice President, Energy (retired)
 The Dow Chemical Company