Freeport LNG Crafts Academy


Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, Texas, is a community college with a full-time credit enrollment of approximately 4,200 students, and with another 6,000 seeking noncredit continuing education courses. Throughout its almost 50-year history, the school has also offered workforce education closely tied to industries in the Brazosport community. This group of students, many already employed but coming back to upgrade their skills, numbers nearly 25,000 annually.

The college's Crafts Academy was designed to offer programs geared around the manufacturing industry with an emphasis on petrochemicals. Today it occupies two buildings on the campus's science technology corridor and is now one of the largest programs for chemical and petrochemical industry training in Texas. Some of the skills taught include welding and pipefitting, commercial electricity, machine millwright, and chemical technology.


Dr. Millicent Valek
President of Brazosport College


Crafts Academy Renamed

In October 2014, Freeport LNG announced a gift of $1,000,000 to the Brazosport College Foundation to be used for extensive renovations of the Crafts Academy: new labs, new LED lights, new equipment and new facilities such as a dedicated welding lab. It will also jump-start a capital campaign to raise additional money. In honor of Freeport LNG's gift, the Crafts Academy will be renamed the Freeport LNG Crafts Academy. This donation follows several earlier gifts to the school for scholarships, STEM programs, and The Clarion Guest Artist Series, all coordinated by Freeport LNG's Wendy Mazurkiewicz, who also sits on the Brazosport College Foundation’s Board of Directors.


At the donation announcement ceremonies, Michael Smith commented, "The million dollar investment of Freeport LNG will provide a legacy for your organization in Southern Brazoria County for many generations. Students who prepare for careers through Brazosport College will be reminded of the commitment of Freeport LNG as a community leader to the quality of life provided through higher education and life-long learning opportunities."