Brazosport Regional
Health System Expands

A Gift from Freeport LNG


Serving Brazosport's Healthcare Needs

The Brazosport Regional Health System operates a stand-alone community hospital in Lake Jackson. This not-for-profit facility serves the greater Brazosport area with comprehensive care including inpatient, emergency and outpatient services, clinics and home health. Unlike other hospitals of its size, it runs without local tax or governmental support of any kind, drawing its funding from payments for services, selling bonds and from community donations.


Over the past few years, the hospital's community, characterized by a large presence of petrochemical companies, has seen some dramatic changes. "We do try to cater to the uniqueness of what might arise from working around petrochemical situations," observed President and CEO of Brazosport Regional Health System Al Guevara. "We have had a lot of growth recently, and we understood that we needed to grow along with it, so we've been going through the facility renovating and also expanding."

Upgrades and Expansion

To accomplish the hospital’s upgrades—rehabilitation of public areas, upgrades to patient care areas and a new emergency room—they would need to raise nearly $15 million. After setting up a bond sale for the first portion, the Health System created the Cornerstone of Caring Capital Campaign to raise $5 million through philanthropic gifts. Many of its longtime industrial supporters donated: Dow towards the emergency services department and BASF towards the second floor medical surgical unit, while the Mabee Foundation pledged to eventually do a closing, matching grant. Meeting that final match was in no small part because of Freeport LNG's involvement.


On January 29, 2015, Freeport LNG announced a donation of $500,000 to the campaign. Its monies were directed towards expanding and upgrading the hospital's ICU unit. The 30-year old, eight-bed unit will be enlarged to 10 beds and moved to a new, refurbished location on the first floor. Past issues of a full ICU, and the need to transfer patients, will be greatly reduced with Freeport LNG's help. In honor of the donation, the new unit will be named the Freeport LNG Intensive Care Unit.



Cornerstone of Caring Campaign


Al Guevara

"What makes Freeport LNG stand out to me is their newness on the scene relative to the other big players," remarked Guevara. "But that did not stop them from quickly reaching out and wanting to be really ingrained in the fabric of the community. You see them involved in the community in so many different ways. The philanthropy part of it, yes, but also economic development, and that gives them the opportunity to share and provide input. It also gives others the opportunity to listen and to understand what their future plans are, so there are multiple ways in which Freeport LNG interfaces with this hospital and the whole community."