A Conversation with Hisaichi Yoneyama,

President, Osaka Gas USA Corporation



A Valued Partner

In July 2012, Turbo LNG, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas, signed a liquefaction tolling agreement with Freeport LNG to acquire rights to 2.2 mtpa of production capacity of the first train at Freeport over an initial 20-year term. Osaka Gas is also one of the four limited partners of Freeport LNG Development, L.P.


Osaka Gas USA Corporation President, Hisaichi Yoneyama, talks about the long-term relationship his company has with Freeport LNG as well as the challenges of running the U.S. office so far from home.


Osaka Gas, founded in 1897, is a leading energy supplier in Japan. The company serves 7 million natural gas customers in the Kansai Region of central Japan. It is the second largest domestic supplier, accounting for 24% of all natural gas sold in Japan. Osaka Gas is also a key player in Japan's LNG market. It has constructed and currently operates two world-class LNG receiving terminals, importing about 7.9 million tons per year, or 9% of Japan's total LNG imports.

Osaka Gas has developed a strong international focus on all sectors of the oil and gas industry: upstream-exploration and production; midstream-transportation, storage, and wholesale marketing to other utilities; and downstream-distribution and marketing to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The Osaka Gas Group consists of 140 affiliated companies employing over 20,000 people.

Osaka Gas USA Corporation was formed to expand Osaka Gas' presence in the United States and beyond. Downstream and upstream investments now comprise OGUSA's asset base and include IPP development and investment, oil and gas development, natural gas liquefaction, LNG exportation and natural gas trading.