Brazoria Roots


"Back in those days, slaves were property and there were very good records kept of property because [the owners] had to pay taxes. So the courthouses had very good records and my husband was able to trace back through his grandfathers and his mother and then her dad back to this person and him being born in Quintana town. So sometimes [my husband] would drop me off at work and say 'I’m getting to go home.' So yeah, his beginnings were on Quintana Island.


"His grandfather was a farmer and as I understand they were in the Jones Creek area. When the depression hit, they didn’t really realize that because they had all the livestock, all the eggs, all the food that they wanted because, of course, they grew it themselves. And they were a family of about 13 kids I think. And so, as they grew up, they all worked on the land. But his grandfather was pure African. Actually, his nickname was 'The African.'"